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Coach who really experience national big game will understand what it takes to make champion.


Olympian Lau Kwok Kin   


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How we develop our students in to champions

The Champion program is designed for competitive fencer who will compete both locally and overseas. Training will be 4-5 days per week with regular amount of overseas competition/camps.



4 -5 class /week

Why your child need Olympian Coach?


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  • 3-5 years of Fencing experience

  • 3 times Top 8 in local and overseas competitions

  • Top 16 in Designated School Competitions

  • Positive and Determined attitude

  • Assessment of Coachability

Champion Maker : Olympian Lau Kwok Kin   


Why your child need Olympian Coach?

The more you or your child advance to the higher level , more important you find the right coach. Only the coach who have solid and comprehensive range of BIG  and INTERNATIONAL competition experience can manage


The best fencing coaches can  push you in the right direction and help you maximize your performance. Find the right coach to make you your kids a Champion

Before You Can Succeed, First Succeed In Your Mind:


Coach Kin is received master degree in education specializing in sports science , he is also the IVE lecturer in Sports Coaching.

He is the only one from HK who have both academic credibility and sports performance excellence.


Private coaching with Coach Kin includes:


1. Tatics analysis

2. Motion analysis 

3. opponent reaction and reflexive analysis

4. Videographic assessment

5. psychology and mental readiness assessment


"eWhen it comes to competitive fencing, the difference between the best and the greatest is only by few points. Sometimes even the slightest change of pace can make huge difference



Have you find the right Coach?

你找對了人 (教練)嗎?

Champion Programs

Coach at Fencing Masters are committed to assisting fencers attain their athletic and competitive goals by developing an individualized program of training for each fencer. 

Part 2

minimum 6 competition and 2 camps a year

Part 3

minimum 6 competition and 2 camps a year

The Process

For each QUALIFIED student, head coach will review his/her existing style, make an assessment of the strength and area of improvement, based on the evaluation , a customied blended training plan will be develop for each student. This plan will be periodically revised and communicated with the parents.


Parents play a key role in developing the successful fencer not only as fund provider but as the moral support. It is important approach that our head coach insisted to have a consistent  communication with the parents regard the progress of the student



The crucial success of these development program is the significant amount of Private lessons. Private lessons are a vital part of a competitor’s training program. Private lessons for fencers who are actively training for competition usually includes two or more private lessons each week during the fencing season. 

Working with a coach is a big step in a fencer's athletic life and having a private coach is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Read how Coach Kin can help to transform your child into champions

Part 1

minimum 6 competition and 2 camps a year