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ESF Fencing

by HK Fencing Master
Headcoach 2-time Olympian

Lau Kwok Kin*


Note : Program curriculum designed by Headcoach who will facilitate part of the SCA discovery class and facilitate STAR class.

En Garde ! Allez!

Learn the Art of Sword with agility, focus and confidence

Welcome to the exciting sport of Fencing! You’re making a great decision for your child by introducing him or her to this unique sport that teaches discipline, focus, mental preparation, and the skills for dealing with success and failure. All our program is carefully designed  by our Olympian Headcoach-  Lau Kwok Kin based on 25 years of competition and coaching experience!  The Coach team of Fencing master are very excited to teach your children this cool sports! 


We will be starting the SCA program on 30 June  2019,  in order to help your kids well prepared for the lesson, our class manager Karen (herewill help you with the process. In the mean time, please complete the consent form and make payment before  deadline : 

5 July 2019

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Discovery with Olympian

Offered at selected school only

Taught by Hong Kong’s first and only two-time Olympic Fencer Coach Lau Kwok Kin,(see profile here) this activity introduces children the basic of foil fencing through a series of activities and games, gradually building skills into a competitive training regime. Offered at selected school only.

Serious in building Elite Fencing path for your child?


Step by Step approach

Basic Gear

Starter Set for Level 1 

Standard set for Level 2 and above

Must wear sports shoes

program supervisor

Head Coach

Lau Kwok Kin

One and only 2 time Olympian in HK will be the program supervisor for SCA class and the coach for the STAR Program)

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ESF FEncing StaR

ESF Fencing Star Fencing Competition at the end of the SCA

School Fencing Development League

Discover how Fencing program specifically designed for school has been implemented