Parents Role - Should i compare my kids against their peers?

Short answer is NO, Fencing is your kids own development activity, your kid should ENJOY doing it rather than doing it to PLEASE you. So the last thing you want is that your kid have the feeling that you are "FORCING" them to do Fencing. Some parents think by benchmarking their kids with the peers is a good way to motivate them to become stronger. On the contrary, by benchmarking them will make them loose confidence and quickly lost interest in playing them. Fencing is a cyclical game of peaks, plateaus, and slumps. If you’re expecting your child to go to a champion in inter school competition within 1-2 years, you are just going to give them extra load of pressure. You should just compare

Champion Maker! It's all about the Fencing Coach  !  劍擊教練才是關鍵!

Vous êtes trouve le bonne coach? You, your child/children probably learn fencing from different schools, you may follow more than one clubs, yet deep down inside you feel that something is missing,.... You feel that you/your child is not accelerate as much as you wish and you feel that there is a level you or your child can attain but just not quite yet.... ​ Why? ​ Its not about the club/school you attended, it's all about the COACH of Fencing. Club and students There are tons of clubs out there and seems to have many students and good facilities, but how do i know which one is right for myself or my kid? Your kid can acquired good foundation with all of these clubs, but when it comes to ge

Importance of the Coach - good and the best

When it comes to competitive fencing, the difference between the best and the greatest is only by few points. Sometimes even the slightest change of pace can make a huge difference. The more you or your kids advance to the higher level , more important you find the right coach. The real coach who really have solid and comprehensive range of BIG and INTERNATIONAL competition experience. When is say international, going to "abroad" competition is not the only thing you are looking for, so what there is many competition organize outside Hong Kong, but what it really matters is the 'RECOGNIZED' international games such as world fencing championship , asian games, olympic games etc. You defitene

Parents Role - Belief in your kid

I have met many parents of the young fencers, for whom their kids are at the elite level. When i asked them what is their secret on developing their kids and how do they support their kids despite of these young age, most of them will say "provide resources, give guidance, select the best club, find the best coach,etc". One of the answer i got which i absolutely agree is "BELIEVE" that your son is doing his best. This is very true, a lot of time, many parents especially in Asia will impose their dream on their kids. And a lot of these kids has been receive intensive training scheduled by their "tiger mom", not by the coach. Does intensive training = strengthen skills? To certain extent it h

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