Why you need a private lesson with Coach Kin?

Private Lessons are an important part of a fencer's training.

Private Coaching


Private lessons are a vital part of a competitor’s training program. Private lessons for fencers who are actively training for competition usually includes two or more private lessons each week during the fencing season. 

Working with a coach is a big step in a fencer's athletic life and having a private coach is both a privilege and a responsibility. Coaches are committed to assisting fencers attain their athletic and competitive goals by developing an individualized program of training for each fencer. 

For each student, head coach will review his/her existing style, make an assessment of the strength and area of improvement, based on the evaluation , a customied blended training plan will be develop for each student. This plan will be periodically revised and communicated with the parents. Parents play a key role in developing the successful fencer not only as fund provider but as the moral support. It is important approach that our head coach insisted to have a consistent  communication with the parents regard the progress of the student

Customised Professional Training Plan for each student

Professional Approach  with the Professional Caoch

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