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Fencing Master E-Campus is the only e-campus in Hong Kong offer fencing related programs.

We want to create a platform for students to continue to learn the key concept of fencing which is usually not covered in depth in face to face classes. Its all about engaging, educating and assisting children along the path to character development to be the best they can be, whatever that life they want to pursue when they grow up


Our over-riding principles are:

Confidence: It’s important your child starts confidently, because confidence breeds success. We identify the level that they can work at TODAY, with confidence and competence.

Convenience: Your child can work at their place, at their pace. No peer pressure. Just their secret weapon to improve confidence and classroom performance.

Cost-effective: We want a tool that is affordable to as many families as possible. However, we fervently believe in “you get what you pay for”, so we may not be the cheapest you can find, but you will be getting one of the best learning systems available.

Content: We want to make sure we have sufficient content to cater for every ability level at every age level. 

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