Registration Policy

We offer a safe, respectful,  fun, inclusive and disciplined environment to foster and develop our students.



1.All new member to HKFM must pay HKD 480  club membership  fee. And each student will get a complimentary T shirt . We ONLY provide lesson to CLUB Member. Please note below of rules regarding Club member.

2. All members of the club must complete and signed the registration and consent form before the class. And agree to the full term of Consent to Media/Declaration and Waiver and  Code of Conduct

3. HK fencing master reserve the right to cancel the program if there is not enough participants for particular program and we will arrange the students to attend another program.

4. VIP members (read here)

5. SAFETY - Students MUST wear the basic gear. On a special cases, we can lend the students respective equipment during the class at a fee *(see note  regarding gear)




5.Classes (private and group) will be cancelled due to Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rain, there will be NO makeup classes or refunds.

6. Group Lesson - NO MAKEUP Lesson/Refund for any reason

LEAVE Application for Group Lesson 

7. Please inform the coach if there is any leave.

48 hours rules for all PRIVATE LESSON : (see more in code of conduct)
8. In order to be fair for coach reserving the time schedule,  private lesson must be


8a. made 48 hours in advance to allow other students to take the slot.

8b. All sick leave must provide DR certificate for sick leave.  Without certificate will be treated as normal leave or  short notice . ie no make up no refund

8c. Max 2 times of leave (sick or anyother reason )
8d Venue fee and Administration fee  will still need to be paid for

1. HK$ 100 for all cancellations made with 12 days in advance notice
2. HK$ 200 - HK$ 500 for all cancellations less then 12 days

8e Private lesson, if any month, attendance is less than 3 times , we reserve the right not to reserve the time slot in order to be fair to coach.



9. Billing is made on every semester  (16 -18 times per program). Payment must be settled in full before attend the class. Coach has the right to refuse student attend the class if the invoice is not yet settled.

10. No refund can be made on ALL enrolled programs. If the students missed any class, there is no refund. Makeup class for Private lesson  is subject to the cancellation policy above,



By your attendance in class or events at HK FENCING MASTER, you are granting your permission for photographs/videos of my child to be used for publicity or promotion of HKFM programs

Parent's sharing of achievement in social media

Our coach spend a lot of time and dedication to our students, we will appreciate all the positive comments of our coach hard work in any social media.

We reserve the right to terminate the membership, for any act on social media which regard as disrespectful of our coach (including giving credit to other coach over our HKFM coach) 

Declaration/Waiver of Laibiliyty


I understand and appreciate that participation in a sport carries risk of serious injury. I hereby assume all risks of injury and I hereby release the HK Fencing Master (HKFM) and staff from any liability and agrees to the following terms:

 I, the undersigned, declare that my child / children are physically fit to participate in the training organised by HKFM. I understand that my child / children are participating in the said activity at their own risk and I shall bear full responsibility for any consequences that may arise during the course of the said activity.


I am fully aware that HKFM or staff in the above-mentioned activity accept no formal responsibility or liability for any injury or death caused to my child / children during the said activity.


I fully understand all rules of the venue for the above-mentioned activity and I / my child/ children’s dependants / representatives will fully and completely be responsible for the safety and behavior of my child / children.

I hereby release and discharge from liability the HKJFM and/or staff present during the above-mentioned activity from any claims that my child /children representatives, my child children dependants, or I may have for any injury or death so caused to my child /children.