HK and Overseas Camps

Overseas summer/winter camp is a truly enriching, fun and enjoyable experience and is a holiday that you and your kids can enjoy while working on their fencing skills.  Though it might seem like a big, expensive summer activities, there are so many benefits of joining the fencing camp abroad. From learning English to developing their confidence, there are so many reasons why your child will have a summer to remember when Fencing abroad at one of our fencing club network.

  • The best way to learn English

  • Make new friends

  • Build confidence

  • Appreciate cultures from all around the world

  • Have A LOT of fun

  • Enjoy a Family holiday together to somewhere new

  • Gain new experiences

Hong kong Summer Camps
5 days 2 sessions in 2020

IGNITE Strengthen Camp (HK)

Discover and Develop Fencing Skills with intensive boot camp in Hongkong. Lead by Headcoach Lau kwok kin,2-time Olympian. This 2 weeks intensive class will allow the students to strengthen their skills with intensive combat and private coaching sessions.

Students will get the Olympic experience using our fully electric scoring equipment.  Each day is dedicated to master the use of weapon, through drills, games, and challenges. Camp will culminate with an in-house tournament.
Students who have no experience in fencing are also welcome , they will attend  4 discovery session during the first 4 days of the camp (extra fee on discovery session)

StarShine Elite Competitive Camp (HK) -

This competitive camp is oriented toward fencers who want to get in shape and prepare for fencing competitions in future. Fencers who have a 2 or more years of experience will benefit from the advanced training at this camp. Come increase your athletic ability and develop your fencing strategy! Join 2-Time Olympic Coach Lau kwok kin at this elite, intensive training camp for fencers who are serious about taking their technique and performance to the next level.


Must own  full fencing kit required to attend.

Overseas Summer Camp

Want to have a memorable experience of learning fencing ? Join our intensive summer camps in USA, France and Japan!



Italy  24 July- 4 August

Tokyo,Japan 5-10 August (with Competition)

Strategric Partner : STEPIO



We share the same values!

Just like HK Fencing Master is the Champion Maker,  Salle Mauro is the house of Champions!Fencers with more ambitious dreams will find this club exactly the place where they can build the competencies!

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Summer Camps with Salle Mauro

From recreational to national competition level, salle Mauro off various kinds of camps depends on your specific objective!