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Leadership x  Fencing


Do you want to have a team building event that would be out of the ordinary? Why not invite your colleagues or friends for fencing combat? A lesson in the most glamorous Olympic sport followed by the happy hour near by have a fascinating effect on group dynamics!

Fencing teaches you how to cope under pressure, it develops anticipation, timing and concentration - qualities crucial for any company or business. Also, it's great fun, good exercise and the most memorable experience which will stay with your team for years to come.

1. Because we are the ONLY ONE with both - Olympian head coach with Corporate trainers

2. We are EXPERIENCED to combine fencing with corporate learning objectives.

3. We know how to have FUN and LEARN 

We use the REAL SWORD , not Plastic!

I Fence

What is you Super Power? 

Stretch your limit, step out from comfort zone , reach the impossible with fencing. Challenge yourself and the team

All for one 

One for All

Stages of Fencing Tournament incorporated with a set of specific learning activities to encourage self challenge and motivation to team members

Musketeer Challenge

Musketeer Challenge

Musketeer themed Challenge sends your teams on an adventure within a stipulated time frame for the mission to  save your kingdom! Musketeer Challenge is an excellent and unique experiential learning with lots of learning objectives aligned with your corporate mission.

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