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Trial Fencing Class

We offer classes at several location in HK, Kowloon, NT.
Trial class will be offered on selective location onl
y. (see our list of location)

2 types of TRIAL CLASS -

DISCOVERY TASTER - less than 1 hour suitable for those who never try fencing  (Plastic weapon ) - only selective WEEKEND (see our latest FB or IG post)

Professional TRIAL - Full feature program (1.5 hour) with professional gear, suitable for those who wish to learn the sport with systematic and professional approach . (Metal and electric fencing)


Package price is available when you register full term  (lower fee than TRIAL CALSS per session price below)

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Trial Professional Classes|Private



TASTER PROGRAM is suitable for students who never learn fencing and do not wish to invest in full gear - Plastic weapon will be used in this program. 

Offered periodically , please follow our IG or FB for our  next open day discovery taster session

If your kids  wish to follow Professional class using metal weapon then please choose Professional Trial Class

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