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Kirill Nikulin

2019 Master Star Competition Silver

If you can Dream  it, you can do it

Amazing Fencer Plan
for Enthuastic Fencer

The Amazing Fencer program is designed for fencers who has completed Discovery level and DETERMINED to focus FENCING as the sport to develop and wish to advance to Competitive level  on a progressive basis.  
A fencer at this level has a good skills set and positive spirit to work hard and will be invited to join Master Star quarterly competition and badge level assessment.

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Private + 1-2 Group Class

2-3 class/week

Regular Classes

Private Lesson

Camps & Master Star Competition

Badge Level Assessment


Amazing Fencer Plan STRUCTURE

The Program require a adequate level of commitment from student, as the goal is to maintain and progressively improve skill level. The program  is scheduled minimum 2 times a week with 2 group class and 1 private lesson.


Each group class is 1.5 hours long.

Olympian Coach
Elite program - STAR

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