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當3個奧運國手相遇時Olympian x 3 

Olympic Gold Medialist Camp

what is the occasion that the students can learn lessons from Olympian from Italy, Japan and Hong kong?

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Asian Fencing Camp @ Tokyo 2019


HeadCoach of Camp

Chida/Lau Kwok kin







What makes it special? First of all, the camp is lead by Valerio Aspromonte, the Italian Olympic Gold Medalist in London 2012! The students from these camp come from different parts of Asia  joining those students from  5 different fencing clubs in Tokyo,

Moreover, the camp has invited many excellent coach to deliver one on one private coaching, such as Benedetta Durando from Italy, Kenta Chida, Olympic medalist from Japan, Lau Kwok Kin, Olympian coach from Hong kong, as well as Lam Yuen Yang, coach for wheelchair fencing from Taiwan

The camp concluded with the competition, where all our Hong kong students receive excellent result and got home satisfied with the big smile on their face.


With the 3 sessions everyday from early morning to evening, our students practice with experienced Japanese fencers from 5+ different fencing clubs, including famous Garden, Suginami and Tutti Fencing Clubs, along with other international fencers.

our students have improved their skills, got a better understanding Japanese training culture, making new friends with the best Japanese clubs. Aspromonte as headcoach has demonstrated lots of dedication and dynamic training approach, His humourous personality has enlightened our students so much! The camp is  full of fun and inspiration to fencers of all age.


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