Safety Protocol Covid19 - Fencing Class with Fencing Master

Covid 19 Safety Officer :  Coach Adriane Iglesia


Key Principal :

  1. Face masks are be required at all times while in the facility, including while wearing a fencing mask.

  2. Anyone feeling sick will be asked to stay home.


Covid 19 Safety Officer : 

Coach Adriane Iglesia

Before Class :

  1. MUST sign the declaration form online before the class

  2. Everyone entering the school/class will have their temperature taken.

  3. Please stay away if you feel unwell or have a temperature, a cough or loss of taste or smell. Anyone with a fever or other signs of illness will be asked to return home.

  4. Parents or anyone else picking up or dropping off their children are NOT allowed to enter the facility

  5. Ensure you bring more than one face mask with you (so it can be changed if it becomes damp)

During the class:

  1. Everyone must clean their hands immediately upon entering and immediately prior to leaving the facility. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances, but all fencers should also bring their own hand sanitizer

  2. Face masks to be worn at ALL times when inside, must cover both mouth and nose and must be changed immediately they become damp.

  3. Everyone in the facility should remain at least 1.5 m apart, whenever possible.

  4. Everyone is asked to bring a water bottle.

  5. No food is allowed in the class

  6. Equipment will NOT  be available to borrow for the day. Fencers are required to purchase their own equipment to bring to practice.


During Combat:

  1. Must sanitize both hands using the gel provided before connecting to the spool – only then put on your glove. If you touch the connections having forgotten to sanitize your hands first, please use antibacterial wipes provided to wipe all surfaces touched.

  2. No handshakes  –  remember to salute both before and after your bout. 

  3. Bouts are max to  5 points only, with a break every 2 minute for younger kids , to reduce exertion.

  4. Please self-referee unless advised otherwise (this will allow more space between pistes).

  5. At the end of the combat, remove glove and sanitise both hands again