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Olympian Camp

Olympic Gold Medialist Camp

Learn Italian, learn the eruopean culture, learng Italian style Fencing

Summer Italy Camp  2019
July 24- Aug 4

Coach from HK




Lau Kwok kin


HeadCoach of Camp







Meet with the TOP Italian Olympic Gold Medalist with 200+ International Fencers in Jesi, ITALY! One of the Large Fencing Camps in the World!

Last year, the attended athletes were from 19 countries accommodating 25 pistes!


It is the BEST camp hosted in Italy. All Italian fencers treat this camp as most promised, most desired and most beneficial camp across the country.


Great food, great resort hotel (for parents to enjoy!) and great training for hot, dry summer!


Fencers across the globe is now having a chance to meet with all the top Italian Olympians and World Champions, including Rossella Flamingo, Giovanna Trillini, Valentina Vezzali, Valerio Aspromonte, while joining the Camp with fencers from 25+ countries this year! You will experience what you might ever tried in your fencing years!


With the full-day training session everyday from early morning to evening, you will be gaining skill exchange, understanding Italian training culture, making new friends across the globe. Aspromonte and other coaches will show you and discuss with you how to make it all the way to the world rank. The whole trip will be full of fun and inspirative to fencers of all age.



With the 2 sessions everyday from early morning to evening, our students practice with experienced  international fencers.

our students have improved their skills, got a better understanding Italy training culture, making new friends with the best Italian club. Aspromonte as headcoach has demonstrated lots of dedication and dynamic training approach, His humourous personality has enlightened our students so much! The camp is  full of fun and inspiration to fencers of all age.


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