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Fencing  Co-Curricular Programs  CCA

Fencing is a sport that can be enjoyed by any person of any age or sporting ability. Due to the “linear” nature of the sport, children who struggle with conventional school sports such as rugby and football often excel at fencing as it places different demands on the brain and body.

HKFM offer the most professional  co-curricular program which supports the actualization of the school’s vision. Our carefully deisgned CCA curriculums provide opportunities for students to explore the numerous benefits of Fencing and along the way developed a new goal in Life.

Best CCA which supports the actualization of the school’s vision


Competitive School team

Competitive School Team STAR

Headed with Olympian Coach, Lau Kwok Kin, our School Team programs STAR follow a Long Term Athlete Development model. The aim of STAR is to develop  competitive school team who wish to excel in range of competitions representing the school and wish to develop as competitive athletes. . To learn more about HKFM's STAR model , please contact us .

School team
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