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Champion Maker! It's all about the Fencing Coach  ! 



You, your child/children probably learn fencing from different schools, you may follow more than one clubs, yet deep down inside you feel that something is missing,.... You feel that you/your child is not accelerate as much as you wish and you feel that there is a level you or your child can attain but just not quite yet.... 


Its not about the club/school you attended, it's all about the COACH of Fencing.


Club and students

There are tons of clubs out there and seems to have many students and good facilities, but how do i know which one is right for myself or my kid? Your kid can acquired good foundation with all of these clubs, but when it comes to getting the real result and excel in the competition, you need the expert, you need someone who really join numerous competition at international level and those who really participated in BIG GAMES! 

HK Competition​ and International Competition

If the athlete is good, he will participate in many competition on international level, so when it comes to assessing the coach, you should look for coach with "international" experience, not only limit to  HK ranking or competition. Asian Games and Olympic games will be an obvious indicator!


Before You Can Succeed, First Succeed In Your Mind:


Coach Kin is received master degree in education specializing in sports science , he is also the IVE lecturer in Sports Coaching.

He is the only one from HK who have both academic credibility and sports performance excellence.


Private coaching with Coach Kin includes:


1. Tatics analysis

2. Motion analysis 

3. Opponent reaction and reflexive analysis

4. Videographic assessment

5. Psychology and mental readiness assessment

Have you find the right Coach?

你找對了人 (教練)嗎?

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