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Musketeer ( Age 8-12)

Suitable for vaiours skills levels, classes for this age group will focus on building gross and fine motor skills, teamwork, bladework and footwork.

Students may wish to start with the 1hour discovery sessions we offer at several schools or jump right to our core trainings at our center.
Students who has joined the CCA programs at school will receive the assessment, students wishing to continue to refine their fencing skills and knowledge can join the Olympian deisgned systematic and professional trainings such as Petite Star and Talent at our center

Fall Semester - Sept 1- Jan 30 | Summer Jul 2 - Aug 30

Important note before booking (No Refund, makeup)

Class day and time

LITE - SUN 430pm
MON 430pm/FRI 5pm
SAT 1230pm/SAT 3pm/SAT 5pm/SUN 3pm
Yautong - SUN 10am

no class dates

Sept 12, Oct 1, Oct 4, Dec 25
Dec 31, Jan 1-6, Jan 22-29

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Discovery Fencing L1 and L2 ESF(M)

1 to 8 coach ratio |1 hr
ESF Quarry Bay,Shatin, Kowloon junior

$1200 per month

This program is focus on the foundational knowledge, physical and technical skills for fencing. register directly at

from $3900

1 hour

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Plastic/Metal weapon depends on students profile
Age 6- 13

$1200 per month

LITE program, suitable for students who has less than 12 months of experience Required gear : starter set (mask , glove , T shirt) Duration : 1 hour Make up : no makeup (including sick leave), no refund Please refer to the policy on our class and weather policy.


1 hour

Screenshot 2022-06-02 100625.png

Fall 2022 Olympian Talent (age 8-13)

MON/FRI/SAT/SUN |1.5 hour
Olympian Headcoach | 1 to 4 coach ratio

$2200 per month

Overseen by two-time Olympian Fencing Head Coach, Lau Kwok Kin. The programme introduces students to the sport through games and skill building activities. This programme focuses on doing more than just teaching a student to fence. In order to facilitate their physical and athletic development, students in our Musketeer programme are provided with a range of activities that focus on improving coordination, balance, strength, reaction and concentration. Head Coach - Lau Kwok Kin (Olympian Coach) Master Lau Kwok Kin is the ONLY foil fencing master in Hong Kong who has participated twice in the Olympic Games: 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. His experience and athlete career span over 25. He ranked the top 16th in World Fencing Championship (Year 2006). Age : Age 8 -13 Language : ENGLISH class only Coach : Certain session are delivered by Olympian coach Lau Kwok kin Note : 1.Registration is made on SEMSETER basis only, no partial enrollment Must choose fixed date of the week, ie enroll Monday program, or Tuesday program 2.Class dates : please see our class schedule 3. Package price available 12 session @600 (1.5 hour class) 16 session @550 (1.5 hour class) 24 session @500 (1.5 hour class) DISCOVERY CLASS (1 hour) @ 300 - please refer to the Unlimited plan (Amazing, Star, Summer) - Save up to 50% (choose plan during check out) Class policy 1. Full Gear is required. See list of equipment required 2. No make up nor refund. 3. Student must comply to the code of conduct of fencing class behavior listed here.


90 min

Screenshot 2022-06-02 100625.png

Improver FencingL3 ESF 2022 (M)

1 to 8 coach ratio |1 hr
ESF Quarry Bay,Shatin, Kowloon junior

$1900 per month

This program is focus on the foundational knowledge, physical and technical skills for fencing. register here

starting from $5600

90 min

Summer Camp start in June 20
no class dates
Program Fee
Per month
include gear?
Sept 1 - Dec 31
Check ESF site
$1200 per month
Not yet include gear
ESF school
1 hour

Information to note prior to booking:

These details apply to all Class.

Class Types

We have 2 types of class, 

1)discovery classes - 45 min to  1 hour,  price is around HK300 per lesson and require less gear which we will offer at several schools.

2)Professional classes - 1.5 hour, if you wish to start with systematic, professional and Olympian designed or lead class, you may consider classes at our centers in Central.



Discovery classes - starter set 

Professional classes - require full gear. Please refer to equipment requirement and our class policy.


Here is extract of policy, detail please refer to policy section

  • No Refund, makeup or transfer of credit to next term (ESF class policy please refer on their website.)

  • No makeup/refund of credit for cancellation due to bad weather 

  • Make up (only available for students who enrolled FULL TERM* on feature program, not applicable to camp  or discovery/standard program, condition applied)

  • Full term = minimum 20 session in Fall semester.lass policy on makeup classes.

Program duration

We offer classes based on semester range from 4-6 months, there is no pro-rata payment available. We recommend 1-year membership plan which give you savings up to 50%.

Referral Program 

Refer your friends, on each successful sign up , we will offer

-$ 300 rebate on existing (20-lessons or above plan) programs OR

- Free Saturday night Combat class for you and your friend 

- see more benefit at Membership page

Membership and Loyalty program

- loyalty points can be used to redeem cash coupon to offset class fee for FULL TERM ONLY

**full term program (depends on the semester , range from 16-24 lessons in one term)

- see more benefit at Membership page

Dropping Off

Due to COVID-19 requirements, we ask parents and helpers not to stay  at  the center



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