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Fencing Fitness

Stay Fit Stay Hot!

Teenager and Adult Fencing Class

Finding Excitement and New Motivation with us!

New Fencer -

New to fencing, always wanna learn but dont know where to start?

We can teach  you everything from the beginning, whether it is fencing fitness or fencing combat,  we are let you feel the fun of learning fencing

We want you to enjoy the sport of fencing but we also want you to learn how to fence the modern sport of fencing in the correct way. 

Experienced Fencer -

If you have been learning fencing and want to find a partner to practice with, come to our Open Combat!

new fencer

 NEW Fencer

Wanna be a COOL, GORGEOUS and  FUN person where everyone will look at you with a "WOW" glaze?

Learn fencing and discover your life be changed day by day!

Your probably try boxing, yoga, running, tennis as your fitness program, but you can take it to the next level where you can be FOCUSED and discover new goal in your life and build a new fitness regime a with FUN, AGILITY and STYLE! You will be transformed, you will meet new friends and build a strong bonding with our fencing journey.


our 1 hour fencing discovery programs are the perfect way to learn the sport of fencing! If you have no previous or limited experience on fencing, then this meet up is perfect for you ! You will get physical strength, and learn to focus and release stress from work!

Adult and Teenager -New Fencer

I wanna try with a group of friends/family

I want to try myself or my teenager kid

Adult and Teenager - Experience Fencer 

I have gear and want to join a open combat just to have a match

I have some experience and want to have systematic training

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