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Convertible Wheeled Fencing Backpack/Bag

Convertible Wheeled Fencing Backpack/Bag

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Take it to the subway!
If you always need to travel around, and get fussed carrying the big conventional fencing bag, you will need this new convertible fencing backpack!
no more maneuver through crowds! The Convertible Wheeled Backpack offers both travel functionality and intuitive fencing gear organisation without sacrificing an ounce of style. Converting from a backpack to a wheeled carry-on, this style is ideally suited if you always need to travel around without stepping over other people's feet!

2-1 Convertibility
Wheeled Carry-on - unclip and tuck the backpack straps inside the discreet sleeve, extend and adjust the pull handle to the proper height for your specific wheeled carry-on needs
Backpack - simply remove the  wheel shield from the  pocket  behind  to create the traditional backpack mode

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