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Importance of the Coach - good and the best

When it comes to competitive fencing, the difference between the best and the greatest is only by few points. Sometimes even the slightest change of pace can make a huge difference.

The more you or your kids advance to the higher level , more important you find the right coach. The real coach who really have solid and comprehensive range of BIG and INTERNATIONAL competition experience.

When is say international, going to "abroad" competition is not the only thing you are looking for, so what there is many competition organize outside Hong Kong, but what it really matters is the 'RECOGNIZED' international games such as world fencing championship , asian games, olympic games etc. You defitenetly want top coach who has participated in those games.

At the high levels, the role of your fencing coach during your bouts can be vital. Of course, if you’re competing at this level, you probably already understand why. On the other hand, if you or your kids not yet getting the medals, then you probably need to understand more about your coach's methodology and communicate more your expectations.

Especially during the competition, your coach may offer some quick encouragement or guidance. A small piece of feedback at the right time can completely change the tide of the bout. The coach’s feedback might be one simple word to remind you of something discussed in training or a complete change in strategy … or maybe just a gesture or smile of encouragement. The best fencing coaches can push you in the right direction and help you maximize your performance. Find the right coach to make you your kids a Champion

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