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Romeo and Juliette Opera HK x Fencing Master

10-11 MAY 2024

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Fencing Combat choreography:

Experience the captivating fencing choreography created by esteemed two-time Olympian fencer of Hong Kong, Lau Kwok Kin, who also served as the leading coach for the Hong Kong team at the World University Games in 2023. This extraordinary performance will be brought to life by the talented fencers from Hong Kong Fencing Master. As these fencers take center stage, bringing the passionate rivalry between the Montagues and Capulets to life. Through a mesmerizing blend of skill, precision, and artistry, the fencers embody the characters' emotions, weaving a tapestry of thrilling duels and breathtaking choreography.


藉由享負盛名的兩屆奧運擊劍選手、同時也是2023年世界大學生運動會香港隊領隊的劉國堅所創作的引人入勝的劍擊,我們有幸親身體驗這場非凡的表演。香港Fencing Master的才華洋溢的擊劍選手將生動呈現在舞台上。當這群劍手登上舞台時,他們將通過模擬劇作《羅密歐與茱麗葉》中激烈情感的模擬角力,編織出一幕幕驚心動魄和令人屏息的對決。

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The Making of Romeo and Juliette Sword Fighting Scene

Fencing extra from the team of Fencing Master :  

Leader - Lau Kwok Kin

  1. Hemlata Bisnauthsing

  2. Thomas Perina

  3. Cindy Reid

  4. Lam Ka On, John

  5. Junho Jung

  6. Ng Ho fung, Tony

  7. Chan Shing Yau, Rio

  8. Luck Adrian

  9. Ho Ricky

  10. Chan Ka Kit, Kris

  11. Lam Kwan Ming, Coming

  12. Wong Kam Ho

  13. Ye To Kin Toby

  14. Karen Cheng

  15. Angel Chan

Fencing master 团队剑击演員

劍擊格鬥編舞 -劉國堅

  1. Hemlata Bisnauthsing

  2. Thomas Perina

  3. Cindy Reid

  1. 林家安

  2. 鄭峻鎬

  3. 吳浩楓

  4. 陳丞祐

  5. 陸浚彥

  6. 何偉祺

  7. 陳家杰

  8. 林坤明

  9. 黃金豪

  10. 葉陶健

  11. 鄭凱宸

  12. 陳芷鈞


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