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How much training my child need to become competitive fencer

The amount of training required to become a competitive fencer varies depending on your starting level, natural athletic abilities, and the level of competition you aim to achieve. Generally, becoming a competitive fencer requires consistent and focused training for several years.

90% Consistent Training 9% Talent 1% Luck

To start, you should aim to train at least 2-3 times group lesson a week, with 2 private lesson session lasting minimum 30min per session. As you progress, you may need to increase the frequency and duration of your training sessions.

In addition to regular training, you should also participate in competitions regularly to gain experience and improve your skills under pressure. Your coach can help you determine which competitions are appropriate for your level and goals.

It's important to remember that becoming a competitive fencer requires a significant amount of dedication, discipline, and hard work. You will need to maintain a consistent training schedule, focus on improving your technique and strategy, and be open to feedback from your coaches.

Overall, becoming a competitive fencer requires a long-term commitment and a willingness to put in the necessary time and effort. With consistent training and dedication, you can achieve your goals and become a successful competitive fencer.


成為具有競爭力的擊劍運動員所需的訓練量因起點水平、天賦和您想達到的競爭水平而異。通常,成為具有競爭力的擊劍運動員需要持續而專注地訓練數年。 90%持續訓練,9%天賦,1%運氣。 首先,您應該每週至少參加2-3次集體課,每週參加2次私人課,每次至少持續30分鐘。隨著您的進步,您可能需要增加訓練的頻率和持續時間。 除了定期訓練外,您還應該定期參加比賽以獲得經驗,並在壓力下提高自己的技能。您的教練可以幫助您確定哪些比賽適合您的水平和目標。 請記住,成為具有競爭力的擊劍運動員需要大量的奉獻精神、紀律和努力。您需要保持持續的訓練計劃,專注於提高自己的技術和策略,並接受來自教練的反饋。 總的來說,成為一名具有競爭力的擊劍運動員需要長期的承諾和願意付出必要的時間和精力。通過持續的訓練和奉獻,您可以實現自己的目標,成為一名成功的擊劍運動員。


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