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Win or Lose we Gain Experience from Competition

Why it is important for your children /our students to join competition? Many parents hesitated as they feel that their children are not ready, actually there is more benefit to it than to these fears. Your coach should be able to identify which competition suitable for your child and the experience our students can gained from it is the most valuable experience.

Of course, we should not enrolled all competition, especially young fencer. Unlike adult where we can often try to stretch our limit and extend our goal, it is hard for the young child to be emotionally matured to face repeated loses from too competitive events.

Experience coaches will recommend young fencers to compete within their own age group and within their own level. Sometime one level up as the most effective way for young fencers to develop their competition skills.

When selected appropriately, there is many many benefits from joining the compeititon. Apart from building the team spirit to join the events with his/her peers, and work for success as a group.

There are 3 main benefits from enrolling the competition

1. Progress Check

It is a good way to see if the fencer can apply those skills learned in the class during the competition. Fencing with the peers in the class is very different from fencing with new opponenets from different club. Also at the stripe, the emotion management do affect the result of the match. So it is a very good way for the coach to observe how the fencer is dealing with all these external factors during the competition.

Learning to score points and learning the system of pools and eliminations are skills best developed in competitions

2. Build Confidence

When winning the events, the fencer will gain motivation and build confidence. So that they will be very pumped to practice more and fall in love with sports

3.Identify development area

Even in losing or competing in the events one age group higher, will provides the valuable challenge for the fencer to step up his/her skills. Sure, they may feel a bit stretched, but the extend must be manageable and must encourage fencer to set a manageable goal so that the fencer are learning to score 1 or 2 points instead of winning that match.

Coach Jina

international school curriculum

director at HKFM


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