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Parents Role - Belief in your kid

I have met many parents of the young fencers, for whom their kids are at the elite level. When i asked them what is their secret on developing their kids and how do they support their kids despite of these young age, most of them will say "provide resources, give guidance, select the best club, find the best coach,etc". One of the answer i got which i absolutely agree is "BELIEVE" that your son is doing his best.

This is very true, a lot of time, many parents especially in Asia will impose their dream on their kids. And a lot of these kids has been receive intensive training scheduled by their "tiger mom", not by the coach. Does intensive training = strengthen skills? To certain extent it helps, but what the kids need from their parents is not only money, but the time of parents to stand by the kids and believe they can do it. Motivate them by showing full trust in their capability.

The last thing the kids need from parent is the extra load of pressure which they already might have from the club, coach, school , peers or even the competition itself. The best thing you can do as parent is BELIEVE

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