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Is fencing safe sport for the Kid?

Short answer to it is YES! Despite of its appearance as a potentially dangerous sport, Fencing is very safe because of all its protection gear!. Precautions are taken in every aspect of the sport, from the clothing we wear, to the weapons we use and the rules which we have to follow. in fact, compare to other sports such as rugby, soccer, ice skating, fencing is relatively safe from head to toe. Interesting conclusion can be drawn from the statistics from the Olympic Injuries, which shows that soccer and taekwondo topped the list of summer sports, with an injury rate of over 30% for soccer. Fencing’s injury rate fell to the opposite end of the spectrum, at close to 2.5% Read full articles here

All the fencers are required to wear the full set of the uniform which include mask, chest protector and layers of clothing which are made of resistant materials. Moreover, the weapon used are not sharp with the blunted tip and a rubber button that covers the tip. The sides of the blades have no cutting edge.

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